A New New-Age: Angels and Non-Material Entities

Lucid Musing

There’s a verse in one of my favorite Rush songs:

Angels and demons dancing in my head

Lunatics and monsters underneath my bed

Media messiahs praying on my fears

Pop culture prophets playing in my ears

I think this verse in many ways highlights the mind’s receptivity to ideas that come through the collective consciousness. In the “group think” of traditional culture, whether we’re from the Christian or a more post-modern New Age faith, it is common for people to believe in actual angels and demons, ascended masters, saints and elementals and various beings from beyond, either helping or hurting from the astral plane and the seven heavens.

Rationalism tends to do away with what it considers to be pre-rational beliefs in favor of what can be seen, measured and quantified. The skepticism inherent at the rational developmental level requires an empirical evidence procedure to authenticate any idea that we…

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Earth Shift Conference


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Check out the radio show interview above, enjoy, share, tag your friends!
Julian Forest – Musician is bringing the Earth Shift Conference to Desert Hot Springs from Friday June 10 to Sunday June 12 at Miracle Springs Resort & Spa! Press play to learn all about Julian’s passion for sustainable humanity, the planetary renaissance, and what you can expect from the Earth Shift Conference! Tickets are available at http://bit.ly/1W3s3NG
NOTE; Robert Bauval is coming to Sedona Fri-Sat may 27-28!!
Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Gaia Portal – March 8th 2016: Phasings of Illumined Align – with interpretations by Justin | Stillness in the Storm

Infinite Shift

Force lines collapse for hu-manity.

Creation storms blanket the unawakened.

Masters of true abundance are recognized, and followed.

Phasings of illumined align.

And now the analysis:

Interpretations: “Force lines collapse for hu-manity.” – The phrase force line could refer to the physical science technique of modeling or visualizing forces acting within a deformed or static body under pressure. For example, the pillar of an archway is a load baring structure that receives weight in a downward direction due to the force of gravity. The pressure exerted is downward, which can be modeled as a down pointing arrow showing in what direction and intensity the force is acting in. Here is an example:

Example of force lines modeling the pressure exerted by a flying buttress cathedral roof design. Notice how the direction of the force changes depending on the structural design, the geometry of the building.

The key concept behind force…

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Message from Archangel Zadkiel ~ You Are A Unique Energetic Manifestation of Creator In All Your Glory ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda


Audio Version: ArchangelZadkiel.1.31.16

Archangel ZadkielArchangel Zadkiel (Received January 31, 2016):

Greetings all, I AM Archangel Zadkiel, a keeper of the Violet Flame, and I hold you in my flame as I deliver my message to you.

In the hush of your energy now comes much transformation and truth. In the sustainment of truth comes true wisdom for all to perceive and convey. It is with utmost pleasure that I come in now to deliver immense truth and transformation for your continual evolvement and ascension.

Many of you are discovering that you are bereft of understanding of where all this energetic transformation is leading. You are left to your own devises to discover the truth. And that is the name of the game, dear ones. That is the energy of the Now, dear ones — Grasping and holding the energy of your own truth.

In all the transformation that you have undergone, you…

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Sound Archetype: HU

Renaissance Universal


One of the common threads in the wisdom traditions of the world is the special place of the Divine Word in the creation theories. In this context, the sound archetype HU is particularly fascinating. It permeates the spiritual traditions of the Near-Eastern cultures. One can also find many examples of HU in the Indo-European languages. HU is one of the three primary sound archetypes of the Near-Eastern cultures along with YA and RA. For a general introduction to sound archetypes please see the article “Sound Archetypes” [1].

HU in Tehuti

We recognize HU in the name Tehuti who is also known as Thoth in English translations of ancient Egyptian texts. In Greek mythology Tehuti is known as Hermes, in Roman mythology as Mercury.  There is extensive literature on Tehuti. Very few among those books and articles stress the root word HU in the name Tehuti. One exception…

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Sound Archetypes

Renaissance Universal

Origins of Sound  Archetypes

Origins of sound archetypes go back to the Paleolithic period when all humans were hunter-gatherers. In this long period humans were closer to nature and their understanding of the “sacred” was very different from the current understanding of the sacred in the western culture. The sacred concepts in the form of ancestor spirits, first hunter spirit or the animal spirits were part of their daily lives and dreams. They communicated with these spirits in their dreams. Their self-consciousness and intellect were not as developed but their minds processed the symbols much better than us. They were myth-makers; they needed myths to survive and to understand the world around them. As part of the myth-making process, they communicated through symbols.

When humans were no longer hunter-gatherers, when writing was being invented around 6 thousand years ago, symbols were still very powerful. The Egyptian hieroglyphs, Sumerian cuneiform, Chinese…

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