how we plant our tomatoes

A Sonoma Garden

Speaking of tomatoes, would you like to see how we set up our tomato patch? We’ve tried lots of different methods, from simply sticking the plants into the ground, to using that fancy red plastic mulch (which doesn’t work at all), but this is our absolute favorite method because it really gets water to the roots. It’s a method adapted to our needs from the book, How to Grow World Record Tomatoes (an excellent read). Grown this way we easily get 6 foot – 10 foot tomato plants each year, organically of course!

First we bought a few yards of drainage pipe (like PVC pipe with 1/2″ holes drilled into it) and cut it into 18″ lengths. Then after tilling the beds, we dig a hole with the post hole digger on either side of where the tomato plant will be planted.
Place a length of pipe into the hole.

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4/20/2013 — New Mexico / Colorado Border — 3.0M Earthquake at Oil and Fracking operation

April 20, 2013 , another earthquake strikes  at the Colorado / New Mexico border.  The area in question is actually the location of a large oil/gas pumping operation.

colorado 3.0m april 20 2013 fracking final



During 2011, going through 2012, the same area produced multiple earthquakes — the largest of which was in the 5.0M range.

I have documented movement in this area going back almost 2 years now…. link to past Colorado events here:



Earthquake Details

  • This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.
Magnitude 3.0
Location 36.982°N, 104.889°W
Depth 5 km (3.1 miles)
Distances 40 km (24 miles) WSW of Trinidad, Colorado
143 km (88 miles) S of Pueblo, Colorado
152 km (94 miles) S of Pueblo West, Colorado
153 km (95…

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