10/14/2013 — Salton Sea Volcanic Earthquake Swarm — Southern California movement

Over the past 2 weeks we’ve seen a flurry of earthquake activity in southern California.

Beginning on October 8th, we saw moderate activity at Pisgah Crater East of Los Angeles.

pisgah crater earthquake swarm oct 7 2013


Today, October 14 2013, a swarm of earthquakes has struck the Salton Sea Buttes.

salton sea buttes earthquake swarm oct 14 2013

The Salton Sea Volcanoes (buttes) were ELEVATED TO ACTIVE STATUS by the USGS in late 2011 / early 2012.  The area also experienced heavy sulfuric smells across the entire region, which was eventually figured out to be volcanic in nature , actually coming from these very same Buttes.

main stream media covered the story , explaining the volcano here:


One year ago, in September of 2012, actual plumes were seen on RADAR coming from the Buttes.  Captured by multiple video makers .. here is one example:


Salton Sea California is also a geothermal hotspot, magma rising fairly close to the surface, with…

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