Matt Taylor - Brighton

Image Greg Hallett

In the year Great Britain celebrates 62 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, there is something you should know about our illustrious Queen. In the same way that you grow up to realise Uncle Dick, really is a prick and that your Mum isn’t as prim and proper as you were first led to believe, so too must Great Britain loose our innocence and realise that our Queen isn’t all what she seems to be.

What you may not know about the Queen, is that alongside the official narrative of her being our greatest monarch, a more murky, dark, vile and sordid story runs alongside it.

There is a good reason why the Windsors are the most secretive family in the world.

Take for example the testimony of a certain, New Zealander called Greg Hallett.

I mention him because in today’s news we hear from the other side…

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