Triple Numbers and Why They Appear

Salt for my Soul

photo triple numbers

Find out what the Universe is telling you when you see triple numbers appear in your life.

555…….good omen?  666……bad omen?  Have you ever been sitting in traffic and looked at the car in front of you and noticed a 222 on the license plate?  Or you go to pay for your lunch and the total is $9.99.  Or you wake up inexplicably at 3:33 AM with a seemingly random thought in your head?  Coincidence?  Maybe.  But you wouldn’t be reading this far if you thought that.  Now would you?

There are a few schools of thought as to what the different triple numbers combinations mean.  Personally, I subscribe to the Drunvalo Melchizedek explanation as that is the one that I was clearly guided to.  I was intrigued by the topic and then as if it was perfectly scripted for me, Drunvalo appeared in the form of a video Q&A on…

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