Sound Archetype: HU

Renaissance Universal


One of the common threads in the wisdom traditions of the world is the special place of the Divine Word in the creation theories. In this context, the sound archetype HU is particularly fascinating. It permeates the spiritual traditions of the Near-Eastern cultures. One can also find many examples of HU in the Indo-European languages. HU is one of the three primary sound archetypes of the Near-Eastern cultures along with YA and RA. For a general introduction to sound archetypes please see the article “Sound Archetypes” [1].

HU in Tehuti

We recognize HU in the name Tehuti who is also known as Thoth in English translations of ancient Egyptian texts. In Greek mythology Tehuti is known as Hermes, in Roman mythology as Mercury.  There is extensive literature on Tehuti. Very few among those books and articles stress the root word HU in the name Tehuti. One exception…

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