Gaia Portal – March 8th 2016: Phasings of Illumined Align – with interpretations by Justin | Stillness in the Storm

Infinite Shift

Force lines collapse for hu-manity.

Creation storms blanket the unawakened.

Masters of true abundance are recognized, and followed.

Phasings of illumined align.

And now the analysis:

Interpretations: “Force lines collapse for hu-manity.” – The phrase force line could refer to the physical science technique of modeling or visualizing forces acting within a deformed or static body under pressure. For example, the pillar of an archway is a load baring structure that receives weight in a downward direction due to the force of gravity. The pressure exerted is downward, which can be modeled as a down pointing arrow showing in what direction and intensity the force is acting in. Here is an example:

Example of force lines modeling the pressure exerted by a flying buttress cathedral roof design. Notice how the direction of the force changes depending on the structural design, the geometry of the building.

The key concept behind force…

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