A New New-Age: Angels and Non-Material Entities

Lucid Musing

There’s a verse in one of my favorite Rush songs:

Angels and demons dancing in my head

Lunatics and monsters underneath my bed

Media messiahs praying on my fears

Pop culture prophets playing in my ears

I think this verse in many ways highlights the mind’s receptivity to ideas that come through the collective consciousness. In the “group think” of traditional culture, whether we’re from the Christian or a more post-modern New Age faith, it is common for people to believe in actual angels and demons, ascended masters, saints and elementals and various beings from beyond, either helping or hurting from the astral plane and the seven heavens.

Rationalism tends to do away with what it considers to be pre-rational beliefs in favor of what can be seen, measured and quantified. The skepticism inherent at the rational developmental level requires an empirical evidence procedure to authenticate any idea that we…

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