Message from Lady Nada: The Vastness of your Divine Love Essence ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda September 19, 2016

Our Emerging Divinity

LadyNada.picture credit: cosmicgaia.comBeloveds,

Let us speak today of your soul embodiment and reality as you see it. You are beginning to understand that your reality is a composite of your earthly experiences and emotions. However, these have just been a bridge to your greater understanding of your True Self.

Seeing what you have been through as a stepping stone to your higher consciousness way of being is the purpose of your sojourn here on earth.  Seeing your experiences and emotions in a detached way and as a helper/friend to raising your consciousness changes the fabric of your reality, where your soul and higher consciousness are really at the helm of your being and experience.

What is put before you to experience is a function of your growth; it is what is the best way to weave the aspects of your Self to a more full and complete fabric of higher consciousness and…

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Harvest Moon – Abundance, Success, Rewards – Portal (Sept 15 – 17)

Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

harvest-moon-crop-e1442428290759-544x320Greetings Everyone! I hope you are all doing phenomenally well as we move into a beautiful moth of September. This month promises to be a true gem and gift from the heavenly realms! A month in which we are going to collect all of our rewards that we have been working towards all of last year (sept 2015 – Sept 2016).

I am sure that many of you are feeling excitement in the air, for some of you the projects that you’ve been involved in are finally finalizing, for others it feels as if something BIG is coming your way, yet some of you are finding yourself in a bit of a “stuck” mode, where certain projects you’ve been working on have suddenly “hit a wall” of sorts and you are feeling a bit lost. If you find yourselves in the third group, this is a wonderful time to go…

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The Forgotten Chakras and the Earth Element

Openhearted Rebellion

By Arno Pienaar,Wake Up World

Walking Meditation was natural custom for the ancients on planet Earth before the matrix invaded and took over. Besides for meditating, it was a natural routine to spend many hours a day barefoot in the fields or in the jungles searching for food.

The practice known as Earthing is very well known in new age communities already and has been proven scientifically to be of great benefit to the practitioner. The reason that Earthing is so vitally beneficial to your wellbeing is because it literally balances the chi energy in your body to a neutral charge (not too positive and not too negative), resetting all the energy pathways throughout the body to a neutral charge.

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Evidence of control


If you have a hard time believing that the world should be controlled, then watch this –

It doesn’t matter though, only the simplicity of it all matters.

All we see is a reflection of the beauty of reality.

We are reality, awareness.

All else is energy; vibration – occuring in one now.

Awareness is not energy.

Read the blog and understand what’s going on.

There’s a brief introduction here –

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Watch This Before Your Next Doctor’s Appointment!


August 31, 2016

Are you doing the right thing by visiting your doctor to help treat a condition? We think we are, but what if that doctor, despite their best efforts, sends you down the wrong path? Dr. Peter Glidden discusses the basics of what’s wrong with visiting your doctor to fix a common condition like high blood pressure or heartburn. Find out what those doctors answers are and what they really should be doing. Watch this before your next doctor’s appointment!

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