I Hereby Rescind the Use of my Genetics, Lineage, Bloodline, Consciousness, Fractured or Whole (continued in this single post)

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DNA Activation The Unveiling

I ask for your assistance in the declaration of Earth as sovereign, the free-will of humanity and fellow Earth inhabitants.

All terms and formats in this declaration are defined according the vibration and motive, consciously, cogently clarified by my self during the negotiations in the presence of all mentioned therein. All deceptive terminology or secondary definitions in respect to the negotiations are nullified and void. All genetic harvest, enslavement, ownership by another, sexual abuse, trauma-based mind control, energetic harvesting, mind-control, oppression, entanglement, timeline manipulation, distortion of intent, psychological manipulation, legal, bureaucratic, hive-mind authority, imprisonment, spiritual enslavement, genetic oppression, creative oppression, war-games, oppression through violence, ill intent towards harm, oppression, or deception are nullified and void.

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