The Re-emergence of Crystallinity [Ascension], and the Need for Optimal Auric Circuitry By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.

The Human Physiology, Genetics, and Energetic System


A brief account of man’s entry in earth’s duality is presented. It is elaborated that in this time of ascension the re-emergence to crystallinity demands concerted efforts in understanding the nature of pre-requisite energies for ascension and their equalization and a need for auric integrity. It is explicated that frequency upshift essentially entails auric expansion, which analogously occurs through ‘re-skinning’ and shedding of the old auric layers. Finally, the necessity of ‘clearing and cleansing’ and achieving spiritual mastery through impeccability in attaining auric integrity and optimal auric functionality is expounded upon.  


  • The human aura is not exactly auto-regulated. It requires maintenance.
  • With the great expansion of the resonant energy, a crystalline light body is now being generated in order to carry the higher crystalline energy matrix of the ascending earth.
  • This is truly the mechanism by which we are resurrecting.
  • The auric full functionality is a process that must…

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