Tulip Seed Pod

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Tulip Propagation
I recently mentioned to someone, I had produced a large tulip seed pod.

Her: “You mean bulb!”

Me: “No, I mean seed pod.”

Her: “No honey, tulips grow from bulbs.”

Me: “And they also can grow bulbs from seeds.”

The conversation went around a little as she still seems to think she’s right. She encouraged me to do a little reading. Unfortunately for her, I already had. In fact, I’ve tried to allow some of my tulips to seed over for 4 years now. I know the plant uses all its energy to generate the seed pod and the bulb is spent for the next year or two, until it regenerates its own energy again.

Tulip Seed Pod

Propagation #1
Tulip bulbs (like most bulbous plants) naturally split from year to year, creating smaller bulbs which will take a few years to produce blooms. These new bulbs will produce blooms the same…

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