I will not hide

Koyopa Rising

We are one. We are all interconnected. And whether we are aware of it or not, we experience many simultaneous lives, forms, and perspectives. This is what we learn as an experiencer. It happens instantaneously or it can happen over an evolutionary arc in time. Our messengers come in the guise of ETs, angels, apparitions, elementals and more. Whether we realize it in this timing or not, these interdimensional beings are all pointing to the same thing – Love.

Once we finally absorb it, there is no refuting it. It is pure knowing-understanding. However, what I’ve discovered over my lifetime is, whatever the modality or whoever the initiating messengers are for these Oneness events in consciousness, we find we still have to return to the dualistic world that the majority are living within. And this is what most humans mistakingly believe is the “real world.” Understand that experiencers are your…

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