Regrettably this is NOT an early April Fools joke. 🤯

Facebook just announced the development and planned launch of wearable “Smart Glasses” that use “mind-reading technology” to provide instantaneous information about your thoughts directly to FB. 🤬

Smart Glasses will allow FB to take its spying on you and manipulation of your thoughts, votes, and purchases to a devastating new level. 🧠

Smart Glasses will also use invasive Facial Recognition technology. This means if you’re out for a beer or a burger and someone looks at you while wearing Smart Glasses, then your face, your location, who you are with, etc. are immediately uploaded to FB and available for anyone. 👎

During a TED Talk last year : “Facebook recently announced it has acquired a start-up designing brain-to-computer interfaces. Why? So that Facebook can read our minds without us having to speak or type a word…what could go wrong?” Here’s the link:

Bill and Melinda Gates Died in 2013 according to — AIM Truth Bits


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Bill and Melinda Gates died in 2013? You are not going to believe what we have discovered… looks like the Gates deceased in 2013. This is from and it gives us enough info to start digging deeper. Thanks to a lively discussion in the Conclave today with an invited guest to get us looking […]

via Bill and Melinda Gates Died in 2013 according to — AIM Truth Bits

What You Don’t Know About Scientology

The Untold Story Behind the US Government’s Takeover of Scientology:
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