Raising money for IVF/Egg Donation

I’m sharing a story about love for a friend who dearly wants children. This post is a re-share from my G+ page but I am hoping you can donate or share with your friends and families.

‘I know I have a lot of followers so I am asking if you ALL could re-share this post?? I would be so happy if I saw my home page flooded with this precious gift of life!’

“Raising money for IVF/Egg Donation
My son and daughter in law have been married for 12 years and have been wanting a family for as long as they have been together and I would like to share their journey with you. Instead of having living children they have had multiple Angels. Every time a baby was lost in the womb their hearts were broken. In that bassinet are teddy bears, each one for a baby lost and than a little reindeer as they decorated the bassinet for Christmas. They would do anything to have a living child to love inside that bassinet instead.
This past Mother’s day a friend offered a solution to the problem they were having with my daughter in laws eggs and offered her own. She has children of her own and is not looking to have more and has so much faith in the capability of my son and his wife being parents that she wants to help. Unfortunately even though this generous offer was made they still need help to do this financially.
All they want is the chance to be parents, to watch their child grow and show them the unconditional love they so desperately wanted to show EACH of their children that had passed. Every time they lost a baby they lost birthdays, holidays, first days of school and so on. They lost the promise of what that child would have brought to their lives.
They are GOOD people trying their hardest in this life and are just looking to complete their family. If you can donate I know it would truly be a blessing to them and if not if you could share this so that someone else who may be able to donate might have a chance to that would be just as appreciated. Thank you so much for your time!”