Regrettably this is NOT an early April Fools joke. 🤯

Facebook just announced the development and planned launch of wearable “Smart Glasses” that use “mind-reading technology” to provide instantaneous information about your thoughts directly to FB. 🤬

Smart Glasses will allow FB to take its spying on you and manipulation of your thoughts, votes, and purchases to a devastating new level. 🧠

Smart Glasses will also use invasive Facial Recognition technology. This means if you’re out for a beer or a burger and someone looks at you while wearing Smart Glasses, then your face, your location, who you are with, etc. are immediately uploaded to FB and available for anyone. 👎

During a TED Talk last year : “Facebook recently announced it has acquired a start-up designing brain-to-computer interfaces. Why? So that Facebook can read our minds without us having to speak or type a word…what could go wrong?” Here’s the link: